Buying and Selling Real Estate

Whether you are a home buyer or home seller -- you will find that contains invaluable real estate information to make the process so much easier!

Increase your Asking Price on a Low Budget

Increase the Value of your House without Spending over your Budget

10 ways you can Increase the Value of your House while staying within a small budget.

Downsizing Made Easy with these Five Steps

5 Steps to Make Downsizing Easy

When you are ready here are five steps to follow to make downsizing an easy process.

Five Home Sellers Mistakes Grey Bruce Sellers Make

5 Mistakes Home Sellers make and How to Rectify Them

Five biggest mistakes home sellers in Grey Bruce make and how to rectify them.

The ultimate guide for Canadians looking to pack their homes

The Ultimate Home Packing Guide for Canadians

When packing your home, the best thing to do is keep it efficient and organized so you do not waste time and energy.

The ultimate checklist for Canadians looking to move

The Ultimate Home Movers Checklist for Canadians

Just bought a home -- this moving and packing checklist will help you get prepared for that big move.

Perfect Reasons why you should Buy a Home Now

15 Reasons to Buy a Home Right Now

Buying a home for sale in 2017 is still a really smart idea and here are 15 perfectly good reasons why.

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