Buying and Selling Real Estate

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Hiring a Collingwood Real Estate Agent

4 Helpful Tips for Picking the right Real Estate Agent

Four helpful tips to give any homeowner looking to sell the upper hand on picking the right Collingwood real estate agent.

Interesting Staging Trends for 2020

Staging Trends for the Upcoming 2020 Real Estate Market

Whether you are selling your property this winter or holding out until spring 2020, you need to stay on top of these latest staging trends.

Benefits of Buying a Condominium

Thinking of Buying a Condo? The Six Benefits of Condominium Living

Are thinking of buying a condo? Here are the six benefits on why you should choose the Condominium Lifestyle.

Homeowners Not Serious About Selling

How to tell if a Homeowner is not Serious about Selling

Keep an eye out for the following signs that will let you know if a homeowner is not being serious about selling their house.

Homes For Sale As Is

The Pros and Cons of Selling a Home "As Is"

When a home is soldĀ "as is," this means that the homeowner is unwilling to make changes, and the buyer must accept the home in its current state.

Home Buyers Real Estate Trends 2019

What Homebuyers want in 2019

Before putting your house on the real estate market. Make sure that your home has what homebuyers are looking for.

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