Buying and Selling Real Estate

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Buying into a Community

Buying into a Community

Why it is important to focus as much on the community aspect of your new home as it is to focus on the home itself.

Working with REALTORS® to Sell your Home

4 Important Jobs of a REALTOR®

If you are thinking of selling your home, consider these 4 important jobs a REALTOR® has before flying solo on your own.

3 Impacts of the New 2018 Mortgage Laws

3 Impacts of the New Mortgage Laws

New mortgages will be subject to a stress test as part of the application process.

Down Payment Savings on Ontario Real Estate Homes

4 Ways to Save on a Down Payment for your New Home

When it comes to buying real estate, the bigger the down payment, the smaller the loan required from a bank is needed.

List your home on Collingwood Real Estate Market this Winter

Why Winter is a Good Time to Sell your House

Here is how to use the winter to your advantage when putting your house on the Collingwood real estate market.

Make your Southwestern Ontario Home more Sellable

4 Ways to Make your House more Sellable

Selling in a hot real estate market is no easy feat -- try these four tips to increase the salability of your house!

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