2018 Home Decorating Trends

Three Popular 2018 Home Decorating Trends

Whether you have recently bought a house and are looking to take on some renovations, or you are wanting to re-invent your style and modernize your home before a sale, tapping into trends is a good way to create an update for your home that will bode well for your property in years to come.

This year there are a lot of popular trends which have taken off and which are appearing more and more in houses, to improve their comfort and their rate of sale. While there may be an overwhelming number of projects you want to tackle in your house, starting by working though one room at a time ensures you keep your plans within your means and don't end up with a lot of unfinished projects.

Here are a few suggestions for each room.

The Kitchen

For many homeowners, it's safe to say that your kitchen likely needs a re-vamp to stay with the trends as well. The changes that occur when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, even just from one year to the next can be dramatic, and this year, the kitchen is all about lightening it up! Choose light, natural coloured paint for the walls, opt for floors and tilings that are equally as light, and then zoom in on your counter tops. This year the tendency is for a thin minimalist counter top of light coloured stone, that focuses on authentic looking finish–slight imperfections, bumps, scratches and inconsistencies are all part of the aesthetically pleasing, trending look.

Design Trend Recycled Brick

The Bathroom

This year the bathrooms are all about hardware. Make a statement with your sinks, taps and faucets, including getting in on the new matte gold line. In addition, to gold, matte black is making an appearance. Matte gold and matte black wall finishes mean you can also play around with an accent wall to compliment this season's trending lighter colours, or to compliment the season's continuing pattern trend. We saw patterns and bold colour break out in bathrooms in 2017, but as suspected, they are here to stay into 2018 as well.

The Outdoors

While the kitchen and bathroom are heavy use rooms in the house, there is something to be said for focusing on the outside and making that look equally as loved and unique. Moving outside, the recycled brick look is very much happening in 2018, as a continuation of the focus on imperfections and authenticity as mentioned above. Furthermore, outdoor spaces are not being cast aside and treated lightly: they are beginning to mimic indoor spaces, holding their own in hierarchy of rooms within your house. They're filling up with lush sofas, matching chairs, ottomans, and convenient coffee tables, essentially serving to create another room for entertainment and enjoyment.

As you launch in to search homes for sale to find your dream project, take some time to think about which of these new trends you would like to have contained within it and how that may affect the housing you choose to buy.

Once you have a better idea, contact one of our real estate agents and we will get you started on purchasing your new dream house!

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