4 Important Jobs of a REALTOR®

Working with REALTORS® to Sell your Home

If 2018 is the year you are going to sell your house, it is time to start making some plans and getting some important details sorted out. One of the first things to do is to secure a relationship with a real estate agent who you can trust to handle the details surrounding your sale. If you think you want to fly solo and do it without a REALTOR®, have a look at this list of four of their most important jobs and you may be inclined to think otherwise.

Navigating the Real Estate Legalities

From the contracts to the paperwork, to the conditions of sale, the closing period, and the finances, there are a lot of legal components to selling a house. Going into it without knowing what you are doing, what they mean, or what you need to include in all the contracts you are signing puts you at risk for missing an important legal aspect. Or worse yet, signing for something that you did not realize you were getting yourself into. Real Estate Agents are very familiar with the real estate legalities of buying and selling a house and this knowledge and experience can be life-changing.

Valuing and Listing Prices

The first part of deciding to sell your house is having a valuation done to see what it is worth. From there, the listing price can be determined, considering your valuation, the neighbourhood it resides, external costs, and so on. Valuing a property and coming up with a reasonable listing price is a very involved process with lots of factors that come into play, one of which is the location, such as whether it is in Southwestern Ontario, South Georgian Bay or Grey and Bruce County. A professional real estate agent will be familiar with the procedures and will be able to get you a fair valuation and offer you a fair recommended listing price.

Marketing and Advertising

When you team up with reputable real estate agents, they will typically be associated with a dependable company which the general public is familiar with. Seeing a sign in the yard of your Blue Mountain home, posted by a professional real estate company, is far more likely to get potential buyers into your house than one from an unfamiliar company or from a private seller. As such, the advertising and marketing for your property that comes with working with a licensed REALTOR® can be invaluable.

Knowledgable on Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood Knowledge

Usually real estate agents operate within a certain areas -- such as Collingwood and Owen Sound -- or have geographical neighbourhoods across Ontario in which they specialize in. They know the neighbourhoods and the culture within them, they likely know the types of houses certain people are buying and selling, and what people look for in the houses that they are buying within those neighbourhoods. They will have the knowledge on whether a neighbourhood is made up of mostly retirement homes, whether its child-friendly, community oriented, or good for commuters. Having this experience on your side can give you a leg up on individuals who enter the real estate market without this background, and this knowledge may be the last piece of the puzzle you need to push a buyer to seal the deal!

With the magnitude of the investment at stake, combined with the fact that selling your house is a decision that could impact you for the rest of your life, it pays to do everything you can to maximize your chance of success.

With a wide range of neighbourhoods we specialize in and the drive to work hard is why you need to hire real estate agents like ourselves to sell your house successfully. To get started, ask us about getting a free no-commitment real estate consultation done on your home.

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