Get your house ready for a Busy Real Estate Market

Getting your House Ready to Sell in a Busy Real Estate Market

Need that extra motivation to help you get your home ready to sell? Fortunately, the rejuvenation that accompanies these warmer months can help you find that extra boost. Now is the time to address any long-standing projects and newly arisen issues that may require some attention before your home gets listed on the real estate market.

A well-cared-for home will help ensure that potential buyers fall in love with your home as soon as they see it. To that end, first impressions are critical when convincing any home buyers that your property is the perfect home for them. Here are some great ideas to help make your house stands out in any busy real estate market.

Create Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

The curb appeal can make or break potential interest in your home during open houses and for any buyers passing by. To ensure your home looks impressive the minute potential home buyers see it, consider hiring someone, or undertaking yourself, some of the following outdoor jobs.

  1. Clean up debris from the winter months, including dead leaves and plant stems. Add a fresh coating of topsoil and mulch to your flower beds and top with some cedar chips for a tidy look.
  2. Plant some flowering plants that will add splashes of vibrancy and colour to your front flower beds and walkways. Colourful plants go a long way in contributing to feelings of optimism among buyers.
  3. Ensure all your walkways and hardscape areas are in good shape. If not, assess whether you can fix them yourself or will need to hire a professional. Removing any tripping hazards will also be necessary for visitors' safety.

Spruce Up your Front Doorway

After your drive or pathway, your home's front doorway will be one of the first areas with which potential buyers come into contact. Consider applying a fresh coat of paint to the outside of your door and choose either red, orange, or yellow colours to create a sense of happiness and positivity.

Check to see if you need to update your porch, including ensuring that all hand railings and steps are secure and smooth, so visitors have a great experience visiting your home. These steps will help make your entrance way more inviting and safer.

Declutter your Indoor Spaces

Once a visitor steps inside, they need to be able to imagine their belongings and family in your home. To enhance this nesting process and make your home look large and inviting, declutter all your indoor spaces by removing unnecessary knick-knacks and personal belongings. Decluttering can be a big project, and if you require storage for the extra stuff, you thought you couldn't live without, consider renting some space in a storage facility during the home selling process.

Paint and Give your Home a Deep Clean

Once you've decluttered, now is a great time to undertake a deep clean or hire a professional service for some extra shine. Even surface grime such as dusty surfaces, bad odours, and dirty floors can create the impression that your home isn't well looked after. Your pre-listing deep clean should include scrubbing all appliances, windows, floors, and bathrooms. Also, have your rugs professionally cleaned for that as-new appearance. "We call this clean-staging your home!"

If you don't have the time or knowledge to make these changes yourself, hire a professional, so the work looks polished. This team should provide a prioritized list of jobs with a budget for each so you can determine which ones should get the most attention.

Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

When your house is ready to put on the real estate market, reach-out and interview REALTORS® that know the market where your home is located. A hot real estate market requires the right real estate agents. They will make sure your home stands out from all others and generates a top selling price.

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