Why you should consider a Farm or Property with Acreage

Buying Farms and Properties with Acreage

In a time of minimalism trends, downsizing, increased condo living and an emphasis on having less "stuff" to encourage less waste, many people have ventured away from opting to purchase a larger home or a farm with lots of extra acreage within Grey and Bruce County. While it is true that downsizing and smaller living options are best for some people, there are also a lot of reasons why a larger property may be more appropriate for your style and is something you should consider.

You are a Nature Lover

From hearing the birds in the morning, to having space to sit outdoors, to doing landscaping. For those people who are nature lovers and crave the outdoors, city living can be confining and feel claustrophobic. When you move yourself to a larger property in an area closer to nature instead of next door to your neighbours, you help ease this discomfort and also open up the opportunity to find nearby trails and parks for you to take advantage of.

You have a Large Family

Trying to fit three or four children and all the personal property that comes with having a family into a small city apartment can be frustrating, not to mention lead to tension within the family, between parent-child relationships and even place a burden on the relationship with your spouse. If you have a large family and need a lot of space, consider that a home away from the city centre may be more suitable – and less stressful – for all parties. If your kids are not keen on the idea of moving more than walking distance from their friends or favourite city hangouts, sell the idea by the fact that they will all have their own room, and potentially even their own lounge area away from mom and dad!

You want to be more Self-Sufficient

While many claim that owning a smaller property allows them to decrease their carbon footprint and have less of a negative environmental impact, there is one side of it that is missing — a smaller property limits your ability to have a garden, grow your own food, collect and purify your own water and work your way towards being incredibly self-sufficient. In many cases, individuals opt to purchase a larger property so that they can own animals, plant gardens, collect and recycle rain water, grow grapes to make their own wine, harvest grains for their own flour and much more. Purchasing land opens up a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to growing produce and animals, and these options only come with a significant enough piece of property to support them.

Before you dismiss the idea of purchasing a larger property or farm with acreage, thinking that it is too much work, too far away from the community lifestyle or it is not right for you, speak with a professional REALTOR® that specializes in farms and properties with acreage. With their insight and expertise, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and suitable a property in Grey Bruce would be perfect for you and your family.

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