5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Collingwood Ontario

Five Reasons Collingwood Real Estate Market

The early signs of a new season are popping up around our neighbourhoods, the days are getting longer, the snow is melting away, and you spotted a robin for the first-time last week! And this year, with a new season, comes the need for change and something to shake up the regular routine. Perhaps, you think, "a new house is in order"! We could not agree more, and we think it should be right here in Collingwood Ontario. Here are five reasons why purchasing real estate in Collingwood might be the perfect place to invest your money.

All Four Seasons

Speaking of seasons, Collingwood is a great place to move to if you are trying to maximize all four seasons offered here in Ontario. Living in Collingwood, you can spend the latter part of fall and all winter in the snow, up on the Blue Mountains. Ski, snowboard, learn how to snowshoe, hike through the cold, and go tobogganing with the kids. When the weather warms up, stay closer to the waterfront and take advantage of the South Georgian Bay. From cottage season to boat trips, to swimming and sand castles, there is definitely something to cater to the sunshine-desiring part of you!


From the large array of seasonal activities to the great school system and friendly neighbourhoods, Collingwood is a great place to raise a family and move to with kids. The town has built a thriving Youth Centre, which offers after school programming for youth, regular camps, and community activities, as well as assistance with things such as applying for jobs, learning how to improve in school, and simply having a space to hang out with other kids of the same age with similar interests. In addition, there are regular events that happen in the town, such as theatre performances, weekend festivals, and seasonal snow competitions that the whole family can enjoy together.

Weekly Collingwood Farmers Market

Community Mentality

Collingwood is about community support. The area fosters the development of small businesses, hosts a weekly farmers market, and offers initiatives in the community to encourage individuals to meet others and support members of the community who are doing good things. The town thrives on entrepreneurial spirit, small boutiques and local, home-grown talent, and encourages an overall community mentality.

Supports the Arts

Let's not forget about Collingwood's thriving art scene! Whether you are into theatre and performing arts, visual arts, going to the museum, or if you want to learn artistic techniques yourself, there is something for everyone in the creative scene of the town. Each year, the town hosts an art competition, encouraging youth to put their art out to be viewed and appreciated, and the theatre has a rotating schedule of local performances and acclaimed productions.

Proximity to other Communities

If you are someone that gets bored of the same place and likes to have a bit of a change of scenery on the weekend, or maybe you like to plan regular weekend trips and get out of town every once in a while. Whatever the case, the town of Collingwood is within a reasonable driving distance to make a trip to Toronto, just a two hour drive where you can take in special events, concerts and even take in a Leafs game or two. Not to mention, all the other smaller array of nearby towns and villages you can go on a day trip to and take in local events, such as Wasaga Beach, Midland or northwest to Owen Sound, Sauble Beach and Tobermory.

If these wonderful features sound appealing and you are ready to take on a new challenge, Collingwood Ontario might be the perfect solution. Talk to one of our REALTORS® that specialize in the area to arrange a viewing of some real estate in Collingwood today!

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