Do these Five Things before Selling your Home

Do these Five Things before Selling your Home

Selling your home, requires much more work than sticking a "For Sale" sign on the front lawn. There are several decisions you must make and you may need to complete many tasks around your property to make an instant impression on each potential buyer. To help you have a smooth real estate transaction from start to finish here are five things you should always do before putting home on the real estate market.

Choose an Experienced REALTOR®

One of the most important tasks you will complete when selling your home is finding an experienced real estate agent. Selling your home requires hard work and time. It can also cause a lot of stress. Your agent can help you every step of the way. From marketing your home, assisting with negotiations, and helping with the closing process, he or she can be right there to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide guidance to avoid making little mistakes that could cost you in the future.

Price your Property Realistically to Sell

You want to make the most money possible on your home. However, you must also be realistic when pricing your property for sale. When you price your home too high, you run the risk of pushing away potential buyers or receiving low-ball offers. If the home sells for too high, you also run the risk of a delayed sale following the appraisal. Plus, when you price it too low, you are not getting the money you deserve.

To help you accurately price your home, you should work with a trusted real estate agent. He or she can provide you with comparative market analysis, which is a report from all recently sold homes in your neighbourhood. Your REALTOR® can also inform you about the current market as this will affect your pricing decisions. For example, if it is a seller's market, you will price it much differently than if it is a buyer's market.

Enhance your Curb Appeal

Your home's curb appeal can make all the difference when selling a house. It is the first impression individuals will have of your property. If the exterior of your home is in excellent condition, it will make potential buyers excited and they will be anxious to see more of the house.

Keep in mind that you don't have to spend a fortune to spruce up your home's exterior. There are many small, budget-friendly tasks that will make all the difference. These include:

  1. Complete basic landscaping tasks such as mowing the grass and weeding the flowerbeds.
  2. Plant fresh flowers.
  3. Sweep the main sidewalks and front porch area.
  4. Paint the trim, shutters, garden boxes, railings, etc.
  5. Put away all yard toys, bicycles, and other odd-and-end items so they are not creating eyesore around your property.

Declutter and Clean

When your home is clutter-free it appears open and spacious. Before taking listing photos and all upcoming showings, you must declutter your house. Remove all unnecessary furniture and other items from around your property. If there are items you no longer use, donate, sell, or throw them away. When decluttering, you can't focus solely on the items you can see either. Buyers will open cupboards, closets, drawers, etc., so it is important you spend time in these areas as well.

As you declutter, take the time to deep-clean your house. You want to wipe down walls, wash baseboards, dust light fixtures, etc. You want to clean the property well so you remove all unpleasant odours and the house appears well maintained.

Make Much-Needed Repairs and Upgrades

Do you have a faucet that is continually leaking? You may want to fix it. Do you have an older, manual thermostat? It may be time to upgrade to a programmable model. Small repairs and upgrades are going to give your home that "wow" factor. It is going to impress potential buyers and make them fall in love with your property.

To help you determine which repairs and upgrades are needed, walk around your home and act like a buyer. Are there areas that could use a little touch-up? Are there outdated appliances that could be an eyesore? Are there projects that could significantly increase your home's value? If so, these are the areas where you need to direct your focus.

Selling your home shouldn't be a stressful, difficult time that you dread. By planning ahead and working with an experienced trusted real estate agent, you will be in good hands throughout the entire process.

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