4 Ways to Make your House more Sellable

Make your Southwestern Ontario Home more Sellable

Selling a house in a hot real estate market is no easy feat -- from the pre-sale preparations and renovations, to several meetings with top real estate agents, to all those hours you have to vacate the property for showings and open houses. Want to get through them all quickly? Try these 4 tips to increase the salability of your house!

Start with the Kitchen -- selling a house comes down to selling the kitchen. For many homebuyers, it becomes the hub; the place where family convenes, friends congregate and food happens. The prospect of a new house is exciting, but having a new house with a dream kitchen makes your property even more attractive. The trick though, is knowing what to do to your kitchen and which features actually improve the overall salability of your house. In many cases, it is the outward appearance (i.e. first impression) that sells the kitchen area, so consider things such as cabinetry, bench top surfaces and appliance choices. For example, cupboards with height imply extra storage, while natural stone looking bench tops are more desirable.

Find a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Find a Reputable Real Estate Agent -- one of the first and most important steps you can take in successfully selling your house is to find a reputable real estate agent. While there are heaps of agents to choose from, it is important to do your research and find the one that is most efficiently going to meet your needs. You need to consider whether you want an agent that works with a nationally known agency, with several locations across the country, or if you want one that is more local and operates on a smaller scale. Larger agencies are familiar to buyers, while smaller ones have the benefit of catering to specific communities across Southwestern Ontario such as Innerkip and New Hamburg. In addition, consider the proximity of where the agent is located to your property and ask friends and co-workers for recommendations.

Listen to your REALTOR® -- given that you are paying an agent to help you sell your house, take their advice when it comes to making changes and implementing standards to make your house more attractive to buyers. Not only because it is their job, but also because they have lots of experience. Chances are they have been through the scenarios that are playing out in regards to your property and they know the solutions that do and do not work. If you are looking for a supportive and knowledgeable real estate agent to get you started, be sure to contact us to set up a meeting and discuss your real estate needs.

Declutter Your Personal Space

Do not get to personal -- when it comes to showing the house and luring in potential homebuyers, you want to create a space that they can envision as their own. Having a lot of personal photos, memorabilia and general personal clutter (think receipts, notebooks, lists, papers etc.) in your house, detracts from buyers feeling like the space is their own. Instead, they feel like it is your space, with your stuff and they are simply intruders in your home. Take some time before your showings and open houses to remove personal items and complete an overall de-cluttering so that the new homebuyers enter the house and immediately feel at home -- in their own home!

Make these simple tasks the first thing you do when it comes to selling your house, whether it is in Southwestern Ontario, Grey Bruce or South Georgian Bay, you will be sure to have it on and off the market quickly and efficiently when using us as your REALTORS®!

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