Get your House ready for the Spring Real Estate Market

Spring cleaning tips to get ready for the Real Estate Market

Get ready to take your house to the next level with these helpful spring cleaning tips that will be sure to have it on and off the South Georgian Bay real estate market just in time for you to buy your next dream house!

Refresh the Outside

The harsh winter elements can be equally as harsh on the exterior of your house and yard. When the snow starts to melt away, tackle the outside of your house by clean the windows, replace any shingles that blew off in the weather, rake the lawn to remove dead grass, and wash the exterior outside. All of these things will make a huge difference in the physical appearance of your home, which in many cases will be the buyers' first impression.

Pressure Wash your Decking

While you are working on the outside of the house, hire a professional from the Collingwood and Simcoe area to come in and pressure wash your decking, walkway and the external front entrance. High volume of traffic, combined with winter weather, salt, and early spring mud, means this area is going to get very dirty. Having it professionally cleaned will make a big difference in appearance and will be an inviting way to welcome new potential buyers into your home.

Finish Projects and Repairs

Whether you started it to get you through the winter months, or simply thought it was a good idea (at the time!) finish any repairs or projects you have on the go. Half finished jobs look unprofessional and imply to a potential buyer that there is additional work to be done on the house. If you know there is work to be done, take on those projects before you get your property listed on the real estate market, as this could increase the salability of your home.

Get into the Light

Take advantage of the increase in light in that the spring weather brings to assess the lighting situation on your home. Recognize if there are any rooms which need a better light source, or if some areas need additional light added. Adequate and appropriate lighting is a big priority to new homeowners, especially with the increased focus on energy savings. The right light could seal the deal for you and your property sale.

Add Spring Colours to your House

Add Colour

It has been one of those cold and dreary grey winters, buyers will be particularly drawn to colour and brightness, more so than they may be in another seasons. Take advantage of this by adding brightly coloured spring flowers, like tulips, near the entryway and in vases inside the house. Colour lifts mood and may be the perfect point of difference, or positive impression a buyer needs to pick your house over a competitor's property.

There is nothing like a little spring-cleaning to make your house look its best and bring in any new potential buyers this spring. When you make the entrance look beautiful, improving first impressions, and finish all those odd jobs around the yard, you might be pleasantly surprised by how fast your house sells. Of course, it always helps when you get the right REALTORS® that know the South Georgian Bay real estate market to give you a hand!

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