Home Improvements DIY or Call a Professional?

DIY Home Improvement Tips

Working on a renovation projects before listing your house on the real estate market can be a lot of fun, but there maybe some projects that might not be easy for a home seller to do on their own. These projects may also not be safe or cost effective, and if that's the case then it's much better to hire a professional to do it right and get more value as well as a higher asking price for your home. But how does a home seller know which option is going to be the better one? That can come down to their individual situation and the knowledge they have, since each home seller and the work they plan to do on their house may be different. It's important for any home seller to know their DIY skill limitations, so they can focus on getting things done in the most effective way.

It's not just about the money. Of course that matters, as most home sellers don't have an unlimited budget for repairs or upgrades. But hiring a professional can sometimes cost less in the end than trying to do something on their own that doesn't work out right. Not to mention the frustration and other problems that can also appear when trying to complete a DIY project. On the other hand, not all professionals are really that professional, and they can cause issues and worries, as well. There needs to be a balance when figuring out which direction to take. Here are some things to consider when making that decision.

Not All Home Improvement Goals Require Professional Intervention

A lot of minor home improvement projects can be completed without hiring a pro. For those that are looking to get the biggest return on their investment, identifying small DIY projects is key. Changing out a light fixture or faucet (remember to turn off the power or water!), painting a room, redecorating, choosing new furniture, rearranging rooms, installing shelving, and a lot more can all be done in a DIY fashion by most people. Exceptions are certainly possible, though, for people who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise have limitations that would make any kind of DIY work difficult. In short, simple changes to a house can usually be done by the home seller. Just check to see if a building permit is needed, because some areas of the country are much stricter on permitting, even for small things.

Hiring a Home Improvement Professional

When a Professional is Needed

Larger upgrades usually need professionals to handle them the right way, unless the home seller has a lot more knowledge of the issue than the average person. Running new plumbing or electrical, for example, isn't usually a DIY kind of job. It can be dangerous, risk damage to the house, and also be confusing. It generally requires a permit, as well.

There are other types of jobs that are usually left to the professionals, such as roofing, siding, and window replacement. Many home sellers who get new cabinets or countertops also choose to have professionals install these things, since it can be an expensive mistake if the home seller gets it wrong. Although it can seem a bit counterintuitive, sometimes it saves a lot of money to pay someone else to address an issue.

What to Look for When Planning Renovations

Cost, difficulty, safety, and time are the four big things to consider when choosing a professional or deciding on a DIY change are concerned. The cost of the project will often be cheaper if the home seller completes it, but that's only true if it's done right and in a timely manner. Otherwise, it can actually be less expensive to just pay a professional to take care of it and move on. Difficulty levels matter, as well. Depending on the level of the home seller's knowledge, it's entirely possible that the job is simply too difficult for them to complete efficiently. In those cases, hiring a professional is the right choice.

Of course, safety really needs to be one of the first considerations any home seller has when working on a DIY project. If it's too dangerous for a home seller to handle, they should let a professional take care of it. Small projects that don't involve things like tying electrical outlets into the breaker box, for example, are usually safe for home sellers to accomplish on their own. For any home seller who doesn't feel comfortable with a DIY solution, though, calling a professional is the safest and best choice.

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