Increase the Value of your House without Spending over your Budget

Increase your Asking Price on a Low Budget

When you are selling your house and you do not want to spend too much money getting it ready, as you cannot be sure you will get your money back when it is time to put in it for sale on the real estate market. But, there are a number of ways you can stick within a small budget, yet increase the value of your home and then list it for a higher price!

Keep your focus on the Kitchen

If you only have a little to spend, spend it in the kitchen. The old adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes is still very much true. You want to wow those buyers while they are in your kitchen, so replacing countertops, appliances, flooring or cabinets if they are dated will make a huge impact and increase the asking price on your house.

Changing up the Bathroom

If there is money left, it should be spent in the bathroom. Replacing the fixtures, vanity, flooring and even the shower/tub will increase your home's value and saleability.

Cleaning out your Storage Space

A very budget-friendly way to increase your home's value and/or wow factor is to get your storage space in order. Both men and women like to see functional, well-designed and organized storage space in their closets, basement and garage. By spending a few dollars and making your storage space an attraction in your home, you may get more money for it in the end.

Do those small Repairs

A home in a state of disrepair, no matter how minor, will not be appealing to buyers and may cost you in the end. While these repairs will not necessarily up the value of your home, not doing them may decrease it. Think about ripped window screens, holes in the wall, chips and cracks in the flooring and broken doors.

Do small DIY Home Repairs to save Money

Adding Landscaping

Curb appeal is what's going to get the buyers in the door and if you lack it, you may as well watch those buyers keep on walking by. Adding landscaping can be very inexpensive, especially if you add low-maintenance and low cost greenery and do the work yourself.

Staging your Home

Staged homes sell for more money -- period. Some estimates say for every $100 spent in staging, you will get a return of $400. Staging may involve adding or replacing furniture and accessories, moving things around and just making your home appear like a "show home".

Adding more Lighting

No buyer ever asked for a dark and gloomy home, so if you can make your home brighter and lighter, it will definitely appeal to all buyers. This could be a very simple fix by opening up window dressings or removing ones that block out too much light. It could also mean adding lighting in the form of fixtures or lamps in spaces where more lighting is needed and the spend for this is up to your budget.

A fresh coat of Paint

Nothing transforms a home more than a can of paint. Your home's value will definitely increase with a fresh coat of paint in the main rooms (kid's bedrooms are not as important) in buyer-friendly neutral colours.

Changing your Front Door

The front door is one of the first things your buyers see and if its shabby or not in good shape, replacing it may just increase the home's value and look.

Adding Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is something that not all homes have, but the ones that do often look more expensive and upscale. It is not expensive to add trim or crown moulding, but the work can be tedious. Consider it for some of the main spaces and see what sort of impact it can make.

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