4 Red Flags to watch for when Neighbourhood Shopping

Neighbourhood Shopping and Which Ones Not to Live In

When it comes to finding a house and choosing where to live, one of the hardest things to choose is what neighbourhood is best for you and your family. While you may have a general idea of what town or community you want to live in, given that there are likely several neighbourhoods to choose from, it may not help you narrow down to one choice. Keeping an eye out for these red flags will! Here are some things to look for in a neighbourhood that may be a good sign it is not the place where you want to end up living.

One to Many Gates and Picket Fences

It is normal and without issue for people to want their personal space, and in many cases, this is why individuals choose to put a fence around their property. If however, it seems that everyone is putting up fences, and the neighbourhood looks closed off – there might be underlying issue.

Lack of New Homes and Development

Progressive neighbourhoods, where there is growth, incoming new homeowners, young families and new occupants are those which are typically privy to development. Whether that comes in the form of new homes being developed, new infrastructure or new parks, upgraded services, and playground areas – all of these are indicative of growth in a neighbourhood. Without these signs of growth is not always bad, but do some research as to the reason behind the stagnant streets may lead to a reason to avoid this community.

Stagnant Properties

Speaking of stagnant streets, a lack of development may show up as no growth or it may show up as no new home sales. If there are a few houses in the neighbourhood that seem to have sat on the real estate market for quite a while, it might be an indication that the neighbourhood is not that sought after or that the residents of the area have been there for some time, and the houses are outdated and in need of a lot of work for modern day living.

Unfriendly Neighbours

Before you move into a neighbourhood, visit the area several times. Walk around, check out the local shops, parks, stop and talk to people you see in the area. If you do not see many people around it might be an indication of a quiet neighbourhood, or it may also indicate that people are not very neighbourly and interested in being social.

You can learn a lot from speaking to the people that you see and meet, so if possible, mention that you are considering moving to their community and what do they think of the neighbourhood.

While these are some red flags to watch for, it is not an exhaustive list, nor is it necessarily applicable in the neighbourhood you are thinking of moving too. The best way to learn about a community is to speak to a qualified real estate agent that specializes with home sales in that neighbourhood you are most interested in.

They will know about the area, as well as who it is typically most suited for. When it comes to neighbourhoods and homes across Southern Georgian Bay and Grey Bruce, asking one of our REALTORS® is a good place to start.

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