The ultimate checklist for Canadians looking to move

The Ultimate Home Movers Checklist for Canadians

Published - June 13th 2017 2 minute read.

June, July and August are hot months for moving (both literally and figuratively). Moving is an incredibly stressful time for new homeowners, so it pays to be as prepared as possible to ensure everything runs smoothly. This moving and packing checklist should help you in your being the most prepared you can be for you make that big move.

Once the Offer is Finalized

As soon as your offer is finalized, you should start organizing your move by doing the following.

  1. Create a moving budget.
  2. Research and get quotes from movers.
  3. Solicit friends to help move.
  4. Start collecting boxes.

Six Weeks before your Move

  1. Hire your movers.
  2. Take an inventory of what you have.
  3. Set up boxes for selling, donating and for trash.
  4. Start eating all your frozen food and pantry items.
  5. Make arrangements for your pets/children on moving day.
  6. Start packing lesser-used items.
  7. Inform your children's school of the move (if necessary) and enroll in the new school.
  8. If switching doctors, get all medical records from previous doctor and start your search for a new doctor.
  9. Get quotes for home insurance on the new home.
  10. Make a mock floor plan to decide if you need to get rid of or buy new furniture.
  11. Create a packing system.
Your Ultimate Movers Checklist

One Month before your Move

  1. Notify your utility services of your move.
  2. Schedule hook up services for cable, gas, hydro, etc.
  3. Schedule a garbage pickup for the day after your move.
  4. File a change of address with Canada Post so your mail is forwarded.
  5. Notify other businesses of your new address (bank, credit cards, insurance, charities, employers).
  6. Change address for any mailed subscriptions.
  7. Cancel any memberships you have in the area that you will no longer need.

Two Weeks before your Move

  1. Assemble a folder of important information for the new homeowners.
  2. Refill any important prescriptions so you don't run out during the craze of moving.

One Week before your move

  1. Plan a route for moving large furniture (measure doorways, remove hinges and handrails if needed).

A Few Days / the Day before your Move

  1. Change your address on your driver's licence and health cards.
  2. Change your address with other government offices.
  3. Call to confirm your movers.
  4. Pack an essentials box.
  5. Clean your appliances.
  6. Put down mats to protect the floors.
  7. Clean the bathrooms.
  8. Wipe inside the cupboards.
  9. Take out cash to have on hand for incidentals.

Once your Move is Complete

  1. Vacuum and mop the floors.
  2. Wipe off the counters.
  3. Do a final walkthrough to make sure you haven't missed anything.
  4. Lock all windows and doors.

Being organized by creating a Home Movers Checklist will remove tons of stress and help make sure your move goes completely smooth. If you have any additional questions after purchasing, please reach out and speak with a REALTOR® anytime.

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