Why Winter is a Good Time to Sell your House

List your home on Collingwood Real Estate Market this Winter

When you think of the winter, you might have visions of hibernation popping into your head; curled up on the couch underneath a pile of blankets, a steaming cup of hot cocoa and warm soup simmering on the stove. Or perhaps you get excited by the prospect of the white wonderland that embraces the world around you and love the idea of being out in the snow, taking in the beautiful landscape.

Regardless of which one you are thinking about, those winter visions can play an important part in helping you sell your house. Here is how to use the winter to your advantage when putting your house on the real estate market.

You can sell on the coziness

With the fire on, candles lit and the house filled with the lovely scent of natural pine, use a winter sale to embrace the coziness of your humble abode and show it off to potential home-buyers. Many people do associate winter with staying home and spending some extra time curled up inside -- why not show off that great house of yours by creating that kind of casual atmosphere to potential home-buyers!

You can get ready

Instead of trying to rush through the home repairs or update the kitchen in the first month or two of summer, with a winter sale you can spend the whole summer putting in the work to get your house in optimal selling condition. You will be able to spend some time outside in the yard doing outside projects to improve the visual appeal of your house, as well as have time to do inside work. Things such as a kitchen renovation or new flooring always end up taking longer than expected. If your sale date is not until the winter, you will not have as much pressure to get things completed adequately within a couple of months.

Winter Farm House in Collingwood

You can sell on the location

If you have ever seen a house nestled in a neighbourhood surrounded by snow, you know the beauty that it creates and how inviting it is. Now picture that as your own home. The landscape created by winter, particularly in locations such as the Blue Mountains and Collingwood, can be a big drawing point for new homeowners. This is especially true for families looking to purchase a house who want an area where their children will be able to play in the snow, be outside in the winter and roll up snowmen to live on the front lawn.

You can skip the competition

Because winter is traditionally a less popular time to sell, there are typically fewer houses on the real estate market, opening up more potential home-buyers for you! Combine this with the fact that you have had extra time to prepare your house and complete aesthetically pleasing renovations and your property might just be a top pick for a new potential owner.

Thinking of doing a winter home sale? If you find yourself in agreement with these statements when it comes to your own house, it may suit you and your family to consider putting it on the Collingwood real estate market now. Call us at (800) 886-4713 to learn more about your options, as well as get some winter recommendations based on thee area in which your current home resides to maximize your selling success!

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