Getting your Property ready for the Spring Real Estate Market

Getting your Property ready for Spring

Published - March 15th 2021 3 minute read.

Winter is beginning to melt, and while some colder days and heavy wind may still be ahead, it is only a matter of time before spring emerges. The winter months can often wreak havoc on homes across Ontario, especially during a year where temperatures have drastically fluctuated. The constant freezing and melting can sometimes warp exterior materials, cause roof leaks, and even lead to basement flooding.

Spring flooding should be on your radar, but you also need to keep in mind other exterior structures such as back decks, front porches, and even landscaping elements that were left out throughout the winter. Despite spring being a breath of fresh air after the cold dark days of winter when the snow melts, there is often lots to clean up before you can fully enjoy the blossoming new season.

Hire a Home Inspector

A home inspector can investigate many components of your home and give you valuable insight into your exterior and interior structures' quality. During the spring, one of the biggest concerns is often flooding. Many homes throughout urban and rural Ontario are prone to flooding as snow and ice buildup around the properties' edges. The combination of rainfall and melting can cause significant flooding. When an inspector comes in, they will assess your home's foundation and give you tips to prevent flooding. It may be as simple as clearing snow away from the perimeter of your home, or they may offer up structural renovations to add long-term defense. They can also check out some exterior decks, look for rotted wood, and inspect the roof to check if re-shingling is needed. Working with a home inspector is an excellent way to prepare your property for the spring market.

Replace your Air Filters

While this doesn't strictly deal with your property's exterior, ensuring the air quality of your home's interior is critical for you and your family's health. During the winter, your windows tend to be closed most of the time, and air does not circulate well. Dust can quickly build up, and filters can be plagued with all kinds of dust, bacteria, and allergens that will only cause headaches if not changed. Winter's final days are an excellent time to replace these filters, giving you the peace of mind that you will be breathing in fresh air during the spring. Keeping your windows open on those mild days is also an excellent way to freshen up the interior and let the stale air of winter dissipate.

Easy Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance doesn't have to be complicated in your springtime prep. It is sometimes as simple as replacing the soil and adding in a couple of pieces of sod where the grass has been torn up. An excellent way to ensure your grass will flourish this spring is by adding in a new layer of black earth and fertilizer to your existing grass and throwing down some grass seed. Adding in extra seeds is a great way to bolster the health of your lawn early on so that when the days stay continuously warm, your lawn starts to grow at a much faster rate than if you had just left it without any tending. It is also sometimes a good idea to put a small temporary barrier around the edges of your lawn so that people know your grass is in healing mode. You can remove this barrier once you feel the grass has grown a stable set of foundational roots.

Preparing your property for the spring real estate market is an excellent opportunity to check in on your home's structural elements while making sure it survived the harsh winter months. With a home inspector, some new air filters, and your lawn ready-to-go, you will feel fully confident going into the spring market with your best foot forward, if you decide on selling.

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