Best time of year to make that move in Ontario

What's the Best Time of Year to Move in Ontario?

Published - March 26th 2022 3 minute read.

When should I move? What season is best for moving? Your answer to these questions could vary based on a few factors. For example, is your goal to save money or make a move as stress-free as possible?

Are you moving with kids or without? Below we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all four seasons to help you make the right choice for you and your family's needs.

Moving during the Summer Months

Many people believe summer to be the best time of year to move, and it's not hard to see why. With no snow or freezing temperatures, you don't have to worry about accidents or needing to reschedule due to weather conditions. The days are also much longer, giving you and your movers more time to get everything done before it's too dark outside to see where you're going.

Another significant benefit of moving during the summer months is better for children. Having to switch schools in the middle of the semester can cause a lot of stress. You're giving them more time to adjust to their new surroundings and make friends before the school year begins by moving during the summer. But, of course, all these great benefits of moving during the summer come with a downside. Given how many people are moving during the warmer months, moving supplies and movers tend to be more expensive.

Moving during the Autumn Months

Moving companies are at their busiest between April and early September. Your movers will likely have lower rates and more scheduling flexibility by moving during the autumn months. That means you can move during the weekend rather than whatever weekday time slot the movers can squeeze you in.

Autumn weather conditions are also ideal for moving. The days are still relatively long and sunny, but there's much more of a breeze to keep people from overheating. Many people also like to be fully moved into their new house well before the holidays. Winter may be your ideal season for moving if you'd like to pay even less for movers and moving supplies.

Moving during the Winter Months

Should you not move in winter? Some people assume winter is the worst time to move due to weather conditions, but this isn't necessarily true. There are many advantages to moving during winter. The first is that fewer people are moving, which means some movers will have lower prices and more flexible schedules.

Moving in winter also comes with fewer distractions. The last thing you want to do during the summer is stay inside packing up your house.

Homes for sale across Ontario tend to be cheaper in winter, as most people buy during the warmer months. But, of course, if you're too put off by the idea of icy sidewalks or having to move around the holidays, you could wait to move until spring.

Moving during the Spring Months

Is spring a good time to move? Absolutely! The weather conditions are excellent, as the snow has mostly melted and the temperature doesn't drop as low during the day. In addition, the moving prices are relatively low because it's not summer yet, though this may change if you wait until late April or May.

A great benefit to moving during the spring months is that children have more time off than in autumn. Spring break, in particular, is an excellent time to move, as the weather conditions are ideal and your children have more time to adjust to the home before attending their new school.

Seek the help of an Ontario REALTOR® to help you with your move

Moving during any time of year can come with obstacles. The best way to navigate these obstacles is to hire a professional real estate agent that knows the Ontario real estate markets on your side. With their network of connections, experience, and market knowledge, they can help your move go as smoothly as possible.

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