What do real estate agents and REALTORS® do for you?

What do REALTORS® do for you?

Published - September 21st 2021 3 minute read.

When you are buying or selling a house, it's a great idea to hire a real estate agent to help you out. That way, they can do all the hard work in the background, involving you in the process only when necessary. But what do real estate agents and REALTORS® do for you? While not exhaustive, here is a good idea of the work they'll be taking off your plate and why you should consider hiring a real estate agent.

What does a REALTOR® do for home buyers?

As home buyers and sellers have different needs, REALTORS® will have slightly different jobs depending on who they work for. However, this is generally what an agent will be doing for home buyers.

Research Homes For Sale

A REALTOR® will listen to your needs and wants and generate a list of possible matches. From price range to square footage or even a home's location. A buyer's agent will research all properties currently for sale that fit the criteria of what you are looking to purchase.

Finding homes that will match all your criteria can take a lot of time, especially since not everything you are looking for may be part of a home's listing.

Setting Up Home Tours and Walkthroughs

Once an agent has given you a list of available homes that match your criteria and you have chosen houses of interest, an agent needs to set up walkthroughs to see these houses in person.

Setting up home tours requires plenty of coordination, as they need to match your schedule with the home seller and other potential buyers.

Put in an Offer

Once you have narrowed down your selection to a house, you would like to purchase. The agent will need to prepare an offer as many sellers are willing to sell below their listed price. They will then need to present the offer to the seller's agent and negotiate on your behalf.

Putting in an offer can take time, as an agent will need to ensure that you're offering a fair price for the home and that you're not overpaying.

What does a REALTOR® do for Sellers?

As there is more involved in selling a home than buying one, there are more tasks a seller's real estate agent will perform than a buyer's agent.

Here is what they'll be doing for you when you sell your home.

Research the Home's Value

Coming up with a reasonable price for your home takes research, as it's not helpful to stick whatever price you want on your house.

Your real estate agent will do the hard work of comparing your property to others to determine the best price to market it at.

This means picking a price that will provide you as much income as possible while being at a desirable cost to buyers.

Provide Staging Advice

When you have potential buyers coming to look at your house, it must look its best. This is what staging is for, and your agent will be able to advise you throughout the staging process.

An agent will be able to tell you with experience what furniture will work and what won't and how much you'll need to clean and declutter the space.

Marketing the House to Sell

Once a house is ready, it will need to be listed on the current real estate market. This includes getting professional photos, which your agent can schedule.

An agent will put the house up for sale, then also work on advertising your home. This often includes posting it on social media, listing it on various popular websites, and digital marketing campaigns.

Schedule Showings

While you are busy living your life, whether working full-time or just relaxing, your agent will be showing off your house to potential buyers.

This is generally done through specific showings or by hosting open houses events (in-person or virtually).


When buyers want to put in an offer on your home, it will almost definitely be lower than your asking price. Your agent will be able to negotiate with the potential buyers expertly, and they will often do more research to ensure they are providing proof as to why your home is listed at this price.

There is a lot of work involved in both buying and selling real estate. And a good REALTOR® will make the process so much easier for you.

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